The world famous Mochicken lol

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The world famous Mochicken lol  Empty The world famous Mochicken lol

Post  mochicken on Wed May 28, 2014 3:36 pm

I guess I should make a post introducing myself, my username is Mochicken, my name is Geoff and I am from NW Missouri. I use the username Mochicken on Backyardchicken, the former Flock U forum, and here so I can be contacted on BYC or here but I hang my hat here.

I am currently raising Buckeye Chickens to standard and culling hard so I have a great flock. I got my stock from Stoney Creek (member here) and I highly recommend his birds and eggs. I am also raising Large Fowl Cornish from FD Lines in a few colors and varieties with plans to develop a good meat bird project to fill my freezer (and friends and family) with good farm raised chicken that is steroid and medication free.

I also have 3 Khaki Campbell and 3 Pekin ducklings, my hopes are that I get at least a pair from each breed to get a good line of duck eggs and hopefully in the future meat but for now we are just focusing on trying to get a 4th job to feed the hungry little suckers lol

Other than that I have a beautiful wife, 2 great boys, 4 snakes, and a German Shepherd Puppy who thinks he is a child lol

I will occasionally be posting as "admin" as I keep forgetting to log in under my "normal guy" login.

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The world famous Mochicken lol  Empty Re: The world famous Mochicken lol

Post  Guest on Wed May 28, 2014 9:38 pm

MO can you get that Kid running from the rooster I love that Gif.

I know many things i could ask for but thats the one i really miss and every time i see it I laugh so hard thanks if not can i have it ?


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